NEW VERSION 1.1 fixed some bugs!
Twelve is a modular multi-effect controlled via midi or pianoroll. Using it's easy: simply assign an effect to the pad you want and activate it with your keyboard, drum pad, midi controller or just draw on the pianoroll of your sequencer.

12 slots and lots of effects for a surprising result! Great for remixing, live sessions or to "give movement" to your tracks!

With Twelve it's fun!

Powered is a power distortion effect for your guitar. Powered cranks out the heavy guitar any rocker needs to get some heads banging.

Simple and light, it is ideal for complex projects containing lots of guitar tracks.

By using Powered with free IrCab, you can add an endless variety of tone color to your instrument.

Features include reverb, delay, wah, 13 default cabinets, and more for a real amazing tune!

Plektron offers a wide range of free VST plugin, among which:
- BassLOW, bass amplifier
- IRcab, impulse response cabinet
- Comp4, four bands compressor
- WTComp, analogue tube warmer
...and many upcoming more!!!
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