1. Assure that the product is compatible with your system (get the demo version in the "Downloads" section and try it). Our plugins are developed with synthmaker and are ONLY 32bit (in some 64bit host you need a vst bridge). The Software is being delivered to you AS IS and Plektron FX makes no warranty other than that the Software shall conform to the specifications in the documentation.
2. This software is distributed in digital format as web download. What are you buying is the LICENSE and the SERIAL NUMBER to activate the product to its full features.
3. Buying the product, you will receive the serial number on your Pay-Pal account e-mail. The serial that you will receive will be assigned with one and only one customer. Store your serial number to activate the product. If the serial will be lost, Plektron FX reserve the right to not deliver you another one.
4. You may not sell, lend, rent, lease, or sublicense the Software. You may not transfer the Software to another person or entity, provided that you transfer this Agreement with the Software.
5. The serial number will be delivered on your PayPal e-mail address within 48 hours.

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» Overview

Powered is a power distortion for your guitar, very good for rock and heavy sounds. Simple and light, it is ideal for complex projects with many guitar's tracks. PoweRED has been developed with the same Guitar Amp's technology assuring an excellent audio processing.

Using PoweRED with IR-CAB you can obtain more tone colour to your instrument.
Featuring reverb, delay, wah-wah, 13 default cabinets and more for a real amazing tune!!!
» Features
  • Windows VST compatible
  • 13 Cabinets
  • Noise gate
  • Pre-gain and distortion controls
  • Midi learn functions
  • Effects: Wah, Delay and Reverb

Price: 9.99 4.99 €